Zanini Italia significa 70 anni di esperienza, di evoluzione tecnologica e continua ricerca dei materiali.



The Colosseo series represents the perfect synthesis of practicality and aesthetics.

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The Arena series is for anyone who is looking for furnishings that know how to combine simplicity and aesthetics at an affordable price.

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The Rialto series is designed for those seeking something distinctive that leaves its mark.

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Miramare is for anyone who is looking for furnishings that know how to combine utility and aesthetics.

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Flying Room

Flying Room is an innovative hotel room project conceived to meet the real and universal needs of hotels and their guests.

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Zanini arredo hotel

With over 70 years of experience, the Zanini group managed to transform a craftsman laboratory into a modern industrial business with the most advanced technology. It is a company that has also affirmed its presence in the hotel sector with a vast offering of fire check doors and room furnishings, both standard and custom.

This new collection of hotel furnishings combined with fire check doors: a range of products designed for those seeking a partner capable of producing solid doors and furnishings in a contemporary design that can meet the demands of every budget.

Zanini is an ideal partner, being a manufacturer of both furnishings and doors: two categories that have very different methods and timings that can often be difficult to coordinate.








White Rosewood






Doors Division
Zanini proposes a wide range of models in different materials and styles. Special attention is dedicated to hotel doors, available in more than 20 classes including fire check and sound proof versions to offer an extensive selection of solutions to the hotel world. An offering that not only stands out from a qualitative standpoint, but also from an aesthetic and functional standpoint. In fact, over time Zanini doors have become a point of reference for all types of furnishings (classic/modern, residential/hospitality) for the ability of the products to be inserted into diverse contexts with different technical and aesthetic requirements.

Furnishings Division
Each piece of furniture is created specifically to satisfy the demands of the world of hospitality: the finest selection of raw materials, certified E1 rating with low formaldehyde emissions, built entirely in the facility in Corbiolo di Bosco Chiesanuova (VR) for 100% made in Italy production. The numerically controlled machines and skilled hands of local craftsmen can work with any kind of material, from laminate to solid wood, giving life to custom furnishings without any compromises.